I've been away this week at our cottage in the Mourne Mountains. It's been bliss, the sunny weather has eluded us, and we've and dodging rain showers. Going for a walk after the rain, through fields or along to the beach is so beautiful. The rain seems to do something magical; the scent volume is turned up full blast, and the blend of wildflowers, grasses and earth in the warm-ish air is incredible. 

When making our Apothecary collection, a Rain scent was a MUST. 
We spent a lot of time capturing the scent of Rain, otherwise know as Petrichor; the pleasant scent of rain on dry earth.

We think we  cracked it. We've stood at trade fairs in New York with our Rain Candle, and watched seasoned NY buyers reduced to tears after smelling it. No wonder its got it's own cult following! This week, our Rain candle received this amazing review. It really made us smile 🙂

PS - a huge thank you to our long-time Field Apothecary fans for joining us on social @FieldDayIre and FieldDay Ireland. Your support means the world and we can't wait to share the Apothecary goodness even more!

Now if you excuse me, I’m away to get soaked again...