They're everywhere. Probably a patch growing mere metres from you... One of the most avoided and overlooked wild weeds; the enemy of bare legs and ankles everywhere. Yes, we're talking nettles...

And we love them. 

Our Nettle & Mint Jam Jar candle celebrates this most prolific of native weeds. A winning combo of crushed green nettle leaves, a dash of fresh mint to take out the sting and a hint of herbal thyme creates this zingy, gently invigorating scent. 

A summer stunner hand-poured in a quilted jar. A super fresh seasonal scent. But hey, don't just take our word for it....

'My Sister -in-law Rita bought me the Nettle and Mint candle. The best I've ever had, it is truly gorgeous!!'

- Angie

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Team FieldDay