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Journal | Field Notes
Missing the scent of your tree...?

Although the Christmas decorations are down, I always feel sad getting rid of the Christmas tree. It's such a shame! And after a few weeks drying in our warm kitchen, it smells SO good now; all herbal and aromatic.

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Journal | Fieldnotes

  1. Burning the candle at both ends?

    Burning the candle at both ends?

    It's a funny old time of year. Here at HQ we're gearing up for the most wonderful (and hectic!) time of year.
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  2. No tricks here...

    No tricks here...

    At FieldDay there's more to us than just candles and fragrance. We love our land, and have a desire to leave things better than we find them. Here are some of the things we do. Definitely no tricks here!
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  3. FREE WildFlower Hand Gel anyone?

    FREE WildFlower Hand Gel anyone?

    I celebrated my birthday last week. One more year on Planet Earth. Yay! It was good to feel the love from friends and family. And, yes, another 40-ish birthday if you must ask...
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  4. Down to earth candles

    Down to earth candles

    Last week we introduced you lovely bunch to our FieldDay scent families. It was great to hear it helped loads of you explore other scent tribes, so we thought we'd dig deeper with one of our favourite families; Earthy.
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  5. Let’s play Happy Families

    Let’s play Happy Families

    We understand it's hard to try new fragrances. Even we find it difficult! So we've sorted all our candles into scent families, so finding a new favourite fragrance is easier.
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  6. Autumn Distilled

    Autumn Distilled

    We live beside a small, ancient church in Ballylesson. This weekend is their annual Harvest service; an old fashioned, folksy, country tradition. I completely love it!
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