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Journal | Field Notes
My Favourite Lockdown Podcasts

I thought I'd take this opportunity to share my favourite lockdown podcasts with you on this blog post. It's been a strange time at HQ without the buzz of staff, the phone ringing and the coming and going of deliveries and customers, but it's also been a time of quietness and a chance to reflect. Podcasts have been welcome lockdown company in the factory so here are some that you might like to check out too... Continue reading →

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Journal | Fieldnotes

  1. Going greener

    Going greener

    We've had our eco- geek heads on here recently, making more planet friendly improvements! As part of our commitment to be more sustainable and waste free, we're replacing the wooden lids from our Large Candles with an eco-friendly plantable seed lid.
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  2. What makes a FieldDay Candle so good?

    What makes a FieldDay Candle so good?

    It's a question we get asked all the time. What makes FieldDay candles so good? Here's our top ten reasons!
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  3. Life isn't always rosy... but candles help!

    Life isn't always rosy... but candles help!

    Life isn't always rosy, especially with everything going on in the world this week. The rubbish weather doesn't help things either, but we're with L.F. Young when he said...
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  4. Clean Hands = Happy Hands

    Clean Hands = Happy Hands

    It's fair to say we're all connoisseurs of hand gel these days, right? We've all experienced them... the too sticky, the too slimy, and the too alcohol-y (and not the good kind!) YUCK.
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  5. Cuteness overload...

    Cuteness overload...

    Why does making something smaller make it much cuter? Maybe it's the tiny details, reminders of childhood toys, or our inner nurturer coming out...
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  6. Where it all started....

    Where it all started....

    When I was a kid I loved to gather rose petals and crushed leaves  and make perfume in old jam jars. I would leave the jars over night and try on my new 'perfume' the next day, before labelling the jars and making another batch! Not that much has changed since then really.  It was these memories that inspired this collection. Our favourite wildflowers and...
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