Oh the love of soap…

When I was seven, I got a special tin of soap for my birthday (it was the 1980's!) Inside the round tin was a ball of creamy dreamy soap wrapped in tissue paper. I was obsessed. I spent hours wrapping it. Unwrapping it and identifying powdery fragrance notes of magnolia and jasmine. I was so curious about the scent, I actually tried a mouthful. Needless to say I haven't tried that since.... but I was hooked on soaps. 

Years later, I taught myself the art of soap making using the soap bible 'Melinda Coss - Handmade soap'. I made the soaps at home on mum's kitchen table, piling up batch after batch, perfecting the recipe and the formula.

RSPO | FieldDay is RSPO certified

We've set the bar high with our chunky bars of vegetable soap goodness. Not much has changed those early days, except that we use *RSPO Palm Oil to make them.  When grownunsustainably, palm oil can have a damaging impact on the environment, potentially destroying the habitats of elephants, orangutans and tigers. We're proud to use palm oil that's been responsibly sourced and certified. Look out for the symbol on our soap packs. (RSPO* Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil )

There's something very satisfying and solid about a bar of soap in your hands. But again, don't just take our word for it...

"I used your Wild Rose soap recently and I just wanted to say how good it is. The gorgeous scent stays right down to the end, unlike other more expensive brands where the scent and suds go halfway through the bars use. I would gladly recommend your soaps"  

- Trish D

Have a lovely weekend, and whether it's your first or fiftieth order, genuinely thankyou.

Team FieldDay

Down to earth candles

Last week we introduced you lovely bunch to our FieldDay scent families. It was great to hear it helped loads of you explore other scent tribes, so we thought we'd dig deeper with one of our favourite families; Earthy.

You might be thinking, "Uh, earthy? Like dirt?" But hear me out. Earthy scents often fall outside of the 'traditional' candle smells, with subtle and mysterious layers that are grounding, calming, and a little romantic.

There's something about walking in nature, fresh air, rain on the ground, the scent of the undergrowth in the woods that helps to centre us and calm our mood. 

If Moss were a perfume, I'd order this minute. I want a perfume, body lotion, room spray!

- Kyle

Moss is a particular fave of mine. It was one of our original scents, but discontinued a few years ago. This caused much sadness to our army of Moss Candle fans, and to us, when we realised how much we missed this gentle, yet full-bodied scent of green woods, patchouli and fig. 

It's good to have you back, Moss, we always did have a soft spot for you...

Don't be fooled by the gentle scent of the Earthy scents. These beauties really do pack a punch. Being such Field Geeks you can be assured we've distilled the magic of these elusive scents to fill your home beautifully.

Hope you have great weekend, friends. Until next week!

Take care
Team FieldDay

Let’s play Happy Families

We understand it's hard to try new fragrances. Even we find it difficult! So we've sorted all our candles into scent families, so finding a new favourite fragrance is easier. 

Just like all families, our scents are all related, so don't be afraid to branch out and try something different. But as a general rule of thumb, if you like a certain fragrance type, you'll probably like the others in that family too. This is where we could say all sorts of things about families and relatives, but we won't, they might be reading!

Find your scent family below...

Floral 🌷

Blooming scents for flowery fans       

Wild RoseFlora

Earthy 🍄

Gentle fragrances from nature


Fruity 🍇

Full, rich berry scents     


Fresh 💨

Clean, calming and fresh


Revive 🚿

Bright, energising and fresh

SeaNettle & MintKin

Green 🌳

Outdoor, fresh green scents


Cosy 🏠

Comforting, warm and cosy       


Smoky 🔥

Smouldery fireside scents   


If you're a fan of energising scents, try our Nettle & Mint Jam Jar, from the Revive family. It's really refreshing, and the herbal notes make it perfect for burning in the kitchen too. 

I absolutely love the Nettle and Mint Jam Jar. It's so zingy and fresh. The mint is so pleasant and not over powering. Don't ever stop making it!

- Janet, County Antrim

Hope you have great weekend, whether or not it's with family!

Team FieldDay

Autumn Distilled

We live beside a small, ancient church in Ballylesson. This weekend is their annual Harvest service; an old fashioned, folksy, country tradition.  I completely love it!

This Saturday, the community will gather up a seriously impressive  selection of fruit, vegetables, flowers, hay... basically anything that grows in the field or garden to decorate the church. It's truly a unique art form!

Carrots and cauliflowers will be arranged alongside apples and ears of corn, whilst huge bouquets of wild flowers and sacks of soily spuds scent the beautiful old building. 

In a rural area there's a close bond with the land, so people from all backgrounds and traditions come along. It's great fun and the perfect way to express gratidue for all we have.

To continue the celebrations of our native earth; I'll be burning an Apothecary Peat Candle this weekend.  A gorgeous Autumnal scent with essential oils of baies rose & incense, rock rose, cedar, amber, musk, vetiver, patchouli and vanilla.

If you can't have a peat fire, honestly this is THE next best thing.

But as always, don't just take our word for it...

The Peat Candle is an elegant quality candle which captures the elusive scent of turf fires in earthy landscapes. Autumn distilled. Beautifully packaged and FieldDay thoughtfully include branded tissue paper for onward gifting.


-  Eimear

'Autumn Distilled' ... couldn't have written it better ourselves!

Right, I'm off to raid my garden for the Harvest!
Have a lovely weekend,

Team FieldDay

There’s no place like it!

Just like Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz said, there's no place like Home.

We've all spent so much more time at home this last eighteen months haven't we? It feels more important than ever, and for most of us, home is where the heart is. Somewhere to feel safe from all the craziness in the world - wherever that may be!

It could be in your usual spot in the café down the road, or that one friend who always has the kettle on. There's just nothing like a cuppa to feel homely. Although, here at HQ, our 10.30am tea breaks are incomplete without some chocolate (preferably Lindor -  if you follow us on IG, you'll know that's the preference here at FD!)

Follow along with all our Candle craic at HQ on our Insta - @fielddayire

So when I created our Folk Tin range, we used the scent of tea leaves to capture the fragrance for our Home candle; as an Irish brand, tea is part of our DNA!

The bergamot and nutmeg combo is a refreshing yet slightly spicy scent to fill your home... or wherever you wander.

But as always, dont just take our word for it! 

Home Folk Tin Candle has a refreshing scent of tea leaves, I can even smell it when the candle is not lit. I love the idea of having the lid and being able to take it around with me when travelling.

- Marta

Wishing you a cosy and happy home wherever you wander. 

Team FieldDay

Going greener

We've had our eco- geek heads on here recently, making more planet friendly improvements! As part of our commitment to be more sustainable and waste free, we're replacing the wooden lids from our Large Candles with an eco-friendly plantable seed lid. 

This week we planned to roll them out and everything was going to hunky dory.  But a delay on them (it's hard to get stuff just now, especially to Northern Ireland!)  left us scratching our heads about what to use instead. 

So to make up for the missing Large Candle lids, we'll pop in a wax melt, made using re-purposed fragranced wax, foraged seeds and flowers from the fields here at HQ.

It's so typical of what goes on behind the scenes at a small business. Every week there are moments like this; the reality and joy of owning a small business!

We're really excited about the new seed lids and can't wait to share them with you soon. In the meantime, enjoy the handmade wax melts!

Thank you SO much for all of your recent orders and keeping this small business so busy!

Love Team FieldDay 

What makes a FieldDay Candle so good?

It's a question we get asked all the time.  What makes FieldDay candles so good? Here's our top ten reasons! 

1. Vegan & Cruelty Free 🐇
2. Made with 100% vegetable soy wax 🌾
3. Made by hand in Ireland ✋
4. Native Irish scents 🍀
5. Award-winning fragrance 🏆
6. Natural & essential oils  😇
7. Sustainable & plastic free pacakging 🌎
8. 100% recyclable ♻ 
9. Printed with vegetable inks 🌿
10. We support Ulster Wildlife 🦡

We think that's a pretty good list. But as sustainability and candle nerds, we're always working on new fragrances, collections and packaging ideas for you. Watch this space!

In the meantime, if you're not sure what to go for, here's a selection of some of our best-loved candles, tried and tested by fellow FieldDay friends.

Hope you have a great weekend, and manage to dodge the Irish summer downpours! I'm heading to the Mourne Mountains to our cottage for a few days R&R. I'm kinda looking forward to the digital detox it brings.  The forecast doesn't look great, so the wine and candles are packed. I'm bringing my new Wildflowers of Ireland book, so I hope to get my forage-geek on if the weather clears!